SDS Keep innovates and simplifies document management

SDS Keep’s document management simplifies SDS, MSDS and OSHA safety records to improve safety and compliance.

Stay safe using SDS Keep, a digital, customizable system for organizing and storing your Material Safety Data Sheets.

Let SDS Keep help you get out from under your SDS

Simplified Solutions, Simplified Price

Having trouble finding a specific binder, safety data sheet, or chemical?

Wish you had all of this information in a search-friendly format to be able to manage and locate everything easily?

We’re here to help!

Are you OSHA compliant?

Think risking fines won’t cost you? Think again! As of August 2016 OSHA increased their fines by almost 80%. Previously the penalties for serious violations resulted in a fee between $7,000 – $12,471. They’ve increased those fees and now they range from $70,000 – $124,709 for willful or repeated violations.

Those fines can quadrupal if the incident of investigation resulted in a fatality, with the minimum fine of $250,000 for an individual or $500,000 for a corporation.

To be fully compliant every employee that might work with hazardous chemicals must have ‘ready access’ to all safety data sheets for chemicals they might be exposed to.




Digitize Your Documents

With SDS Keep managing Safety Data Sheets has never been easier.  We help your organization keep all of your SDSs neatly and securely organized digitally so you never have to worry about paper copies again.  Going digital allows ease of access to documents with a system designed to make it even easier for your future.

Location Driven Management

Minimize your overhead, keep your MSDS/SDS documents at the fingertips of those who need it most. Keep your company compliant and your team safe. Manage all locations, 24 hours a day, from any device.

With SDS Keep you’ll be able to access to every safety data sheet, every chemical, every time.

SDS Keep Compliance Graphic

How do you stay compliant?

  • Have all required Safety Data Sheets on hand
  • Provide SDS’s related to chemicals at time of shipment
  • Provide any SDS’s upon request of any hazardous chemical used by the company
  • Make SDS’s readily accessible to all employees at all times
  • Provide and maintain an emergency backup system when using electronic access of SDS’s
  • Provide all necessary SDS’s at multi-employer work sites